adidas Tango League

Role: Creative Strategy, Social/Digital Direction, Logistics

Legends of the beautiful game are forged in the street, where close control, skill, and flair are prized above all.

This environment has been hailed by football’s pantheon of greats as their most carefree and crucial stage of development.

The adidas Tango League is a tribute to the creative and competitive culture of street soccer—an international series of small-sided tournaments, culminating in an annual Global Final, featuring under-the-radar talents who are spotlit on the world stage and signed to official adidas contracts.

Over two years, Common Goal provided creative strategy, social/digital direction, and logistics management for Tango League events and athletes, as well as content production leveraged around the 2018 Global Finals, held at the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

By establishing links with MLS clubs, like the LA Galaxy and New York City FC, and international giants like FC Bayern, Common Goal was able to give North American Tango League winners memories to last a lifetime and connections to further their journeys in the sport as newly-minted adidas athletes.


Creative: Zack Goldman, Nathen McVittie, Eric Beard

Photography: Matthew Stith, Hana Asano, Nathen McVittie, and Carlos Quinteros Jr.

Graphics: Nathen McVittie