Role: Scripting

An experimental short film with Swanson Studio and FISK providing a glimpse into the enduring nature of the creative process, as a part of Swanson’s 20/2 show.┬áThis is the story of back and forth, one exists only with the other. Always changing shape. One step back, then another. Further. As far as it can go. Breathe it in. And out. Back and forth, the Pendulum swings forward.


Still Photographer / DP & Camera Operator: Tyler Ashlock
1st Photo assistant: Paul Wegman
1st AC: Karl Kucks
PA: Mary Adams, Aubrey Gigandet, Tomas Paltan, Armin
Producer: Pam Lauwerens
Talent: Brandon Jones

Video Editor: Jordan Beard and Bijan Berahimi
Script: Eric Beard & Bijan Berahimi
Sound: Chris Burnett
Voice Over: Abby Morgan
French Translation: Sophie Rebillon
Voice Over Engineer: Dustin Hayes
Poster: Christine Shen and Bijan Berahimi