Welcoming Steven
Gerrard from
Liverpool to LA

Role: Creative and Strategy

After 17 iconic years in England, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard signed with the LA Galaxy in mid-2015.

A transfer that earned headlines across the globe, all eyes were suddenly, once again, on the American club that David Beckham once called home.

We collaborated with the Galaxy to ensure that Gerrard’s arrival to Major League Soccer was a special one, defined by both local import and global impact. Together, we crafted a media and marketing strategy designed to honour a giant’s past while speaking to the club’s bright future.

A campaign, Greatness, was created around Gerrard’s iconic number 8 shirt. The #Gr8ness hashtag adorned everything from digital content to billboards across LA’s network of diverse neighborhoods and busy avenues. We also partnered with the publication SoccerBible and Hana Asano to tell a premium, behind-the-scenes story of Gerrard’s time with the club.

On the 10th anniversary of Gerrard propelling Liverpool to victory in the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final, we took out a full-page advert in his hometown newspaper, the Liverpool Echo, to thank the city, club and fans for their part in creating a legend and promising to honour​ his legacy in Los Angeles. This act, ubiquitously seen as one of class by the Galaxy, earned positive coverage from hundreds of global media outlets, resulting in thousands of supportive messages and new fans of the Galaxy.



Eric Beard and Nathen McVittie


Zack Goldman and Maxi Rodriguez


Hana Asano