The Toffee League

Role: Strategy and Digital Production

Soccer City, USA.

It’s what Portland, Oregon is called by many, and it’s a moniker well-earned for a love of the beautiful game that truly binds the city together.

In this part of the Pacific Northwest, a passion for football speaks to a passion for so much more.

To celebrate this unique football culture, we helped create the Toffee League—a co-ed, amateur soccer competition unlike any other, powered by presenting sponsor Avery Dennison and beloved Portland pub, The Toffee Club.

Aiming to embrace the imagination and soul of the Rose City, as well as the potential for football to be a vehicle for self-expression, community-building and social change, the Toffee League is a reflection of this inimitable local soccer scene and the inspiring, creative people who make it unlike anywhere else.

Portland knows that football is more than a game—it’s a culture, a community, and a canvas.

This league is a love letter to that.



Strategy and Digital Production: Zack Goldman, Eric Beard, Nathen McVittie, Trisikh Sanguanbun & Tri Sanguanbun

Creative Direction: Land of Plenty