Where Is Football

Role: Everything

Played in every corner of the globe, in every conceivable way — from schoolyard games with shoes for goalposts to professional matches in front of television cameras — football (soccer) is simply everywhere.

To highlight and celebrate the awe-inspiring breadth and depth of the world’s most popular sport, we started a project called ‘Where Is Football’, which aims to demonstrate the game’s uncanny ability to connect the globe.

Whether through snapshots on our instagram account or narrative features on our website, we tell stories about how football is played and cherished across the world and seek to forge meaningful connections between otherwise distant parts of the globe through a shared love of the sport.

From the asphalt cages of urban London to the floating fields of rural Thailand, there is always a new side of the game to discover, a new land to explore, a new voice to be heard.

Together, with the help of a community that spans geography and demography, #whereisfootball reflects the world’s game, by the world.


Eric Beard, Kendall Henderson, Nathen McVittie, Zack Goldman, Dominic Vieira